Empowering Parents, Fighting Crime, Supporting the Police, Reducing Taxes and Wasteful Government Spending, Supporting Schools that Educate Children, Saving Our Nation and Our Children’s Future

Patrycja Karlin is a first generation Polish-American. Her family escaped Communist Poland in 1988. Patrycja was a teenager when she arrived in the United States and has lived in the City of Chicago ever since. Through hard work and persistence, Patrycja became an attorney, striving for her part of the American Dream. She practices law from her office on Lawrence Avenue in the community that has given her the gift of freedom denied to her family under Communism.

Patrycja decided to run for the office of State Senator because of what is currently happening in our state and our country. The “woke” radicals in control of the Democratic Party are trying to impose their“party line” on us in a manner reminiscent of the communist Soviet Union. They want our schools to become places of indoctrination instead of education, where our children are taught that America is evil, religion is bad, and a person’s race matters more than the content of his or her character. They are taking away parents’ rights to make decisions about our children. For Patrycja it is terrifying how familiar it all sounds. She knows it ends in tyranny. IT MUST BE STOPPED!


Illinois is drowning in crime, corruption, and fiscal irresponsibility; it is killing the innocence of our children with impunity and depriving parents of decision-making regarding their children. Businesses are running to other states And Illinoisans are moving away from Illinois in greater numbers than any time in history.

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. The November 2022 election will determine the future of our State and our Nation. We must send a message to the Democratic Party, to everyone in power, and everyone holding office. YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE and if you are angry and upset at the direction we are going, you can show it by voting for Patrycja “PR” Karlin and every other Republican Party candidate on the ballot. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans join Patrycja Karlin! If you want change Vote Republican!

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